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Top Ten Schools in NDHSAA

Top Ten Schools in NDHSAA

The NDHSAA is the governing body of the University of North Dakota and its NCAA Division I football and men's and women's basketball programs. They have its own television network and a website that lists every NDHSAA school and its team rosters. 

 They also have an app called NDFootball. It’s a social media website with a slick user-friendly design that makes it easy for students and teachers to find and follow teams and players on social media.  This list of the top ten schools in the NDHSAA consists of some of the most prestigious universities in the country and top-notch private and community college programs. 

They have achieved success at many different levels and have had a diverse and interesting history. We compiled this list of the top ten highest performing high schools in the NDHSAA based on various criteria such as academics, athletics, and student-athlete experience.

Below is a brief look at the top ten schools in the NDHSAA. You’ll quickly see why they are on this list.

North Dakota Collegiate detailed

North Dakota’s name will give many students a surprise when they see this on their high school list. Well, this is a top ten list in the NDHSAA. They are known for winning the NCAA Division I national championship in 1936 and the NCAA Division II national championship in 1978. The Collegiate was founded in 1900 and has had close ties to the University of North Dakota since that time.

North Dakota is a private university with an enrollment of 8,812 students. They are located in the south part of Fargo in the United States. There are several stated goals for this list, but the main one is to give students a true view of the school’s history, its traditions, and the future of the program.

North Dakota FCS

North Dakota’s FCS team became the first college sport to use the Fraternal Order of Eagles logo. The team colors are orange and black, and the official logo consists of an olive branch with an officemate's symbol of a white horse and rider. The club colors are black, gold, and yellow.

North Dakota FCS had a great decade in the early 2000s, going from having just one losing season to having six winning ones. During this time, the team won national titles in 2003, 2004, and 2005, and were runners-up in both of those years.

North Dakota finished the decade as one of the most successful sports programs in the entire country thanks to the success of the FCS team. The program was heavily drawn from the successful college ranks and also featured future NBA and CSKA Moscow players.

 Other schools on this list:

  •  The University of North Dakota at St. Paul

  • The University of North Dakota at Big City

  •  University of St. Michael’s

  •  University of Saint Thomas

  •  Regina College

  •  University of Regina

  •  University of Western Ontario

  • University of Western New York

  •  University of Western Ontario and Northern California

  • Grand Valley State College

  • Grand Valley State

  •  Mansfield College

  •  Nicholls State

  •  Northern Illinois University

  • Roosevelt University

  •  Western Illinois University

  •  Western New England University

  • Western Utah University

North Dakota State College, ND

The NDSU men’s basketball team reached the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament in 1979 and again in 1979-80, winning the national championship both seasons along with going to the Final Four with that team in 1976. The college also had a very successful football program with wins in 1934, 1938, and 1949 champions bowl games.

North Dakota State has also reached the Final Four in 2004, 2011, and 2016. Besides being a great team, the program has had success in the community and on the performing side. The NDSU women’s basketball team has reached the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament four times, including in 1941 and 1953. The women’s team also won the NCAA tournament in 1976, 1979, and 1981.

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

The first all-female university in the world, Concordia was established in Montreal in 1932. The university offers more than 100 courses and has over 1,000 majors and minors from which 1,068 are available as a result of a selective enrollment process.

CEC’s sports teams compete in the American Collegiate Athletic Association (ACIA) and are known as the Cougars. They have won 28 national titles and are one of several North American sports teams in the sport.

CEC is the most successful university in Canada with a track and field team, wheelchair basketball team, and a curling club which have won national titles. Other CEC-based sports include:- dance, music, theater, and visual performance.

East Central University, Fargo, North Dakota

East Central University has always been a top-notch school with a rich sports history. The school was established in 1912 and has produced numerous college and professional athletes.

 East Central has a total of 36 NCAA Division I teams that compete in 11 different sports. The school also fields seven amateur teams in ice hockey and curling.

 East Central is the most successful college athletic program in North America has won 29 national titles and reached the Final Four in 1976 and 1990. The school also fields a major league softball team which has reached the American Association of Baseball teams in seven different cities since the team’s inception in 1955.

The University of North Dakota at St. Paul, St. Paul, Minnesota

The University of North Dakota at St. Paul is located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has a total of 30 NCAA Division I teams that compete in 11 different sports. The university also fields teams in ice hockey, softball, rugby, and men's and women's cross country.

 Census data shows that St. Paul has the most student-athletes per capita of any community college in the country and one of the highest rates of NCAA Division I competition.

 St. Paul has a rich sports history dating back to 1893 when the Saint Paul Little Big Train Expedition was inducted into the U.S. National Historic Register. The downtown area also hosts the annual St. Paulsevere, which is the first pitch in the American League and the last out of the gate in Major League Baseball.

 American Athletic League

The American Athletic league is the top professional association in the American professional sports league. It is a member of the National Association of Professional Teams (NAAPD), which is the second largest professional sports organization in the United States.

The American League is based on a unique system where each team plays every other team once every Twin Cities (MN) and St. Paul (MN) in their own conference. The AAL is unique in that it only includes teams in the North American league.

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