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Watch DC High School Football 2022-23 top Rankings teams Washington, DC

DC High School Football top Rankings

This time a year DC High School Football top Rankings teams Washington, DC A year later they finish atop of the final 2022-23 DC High School Football composite rankings Washington, DC. in the nation and crown an unofficial national champion at the end of the season. This is the (DCSAA) Washington, DC used the algorithm to create its rankings. the official rankings provider for the Associated Press starting, The final Washington, DC high school rankings at the end of the regular season Football magazine distributed by The Associated Press.

Washington,DC High School Football top Rankings teams

1 St. John's (Washington)
2 Gonzaga (Washington)
3 Friendship Collegiate Academy (Washington)
4 Archbishop Carroll (Washington)
5 Roosevelt (Washington)
6 Dunbar (Washington)
7 Coolidge (Washington)
8 Bell (Washington)
9 St. Albans (Washington)
10 Maret (Washington)
11 Woodson (Washington)
12 Jackson-Reed (Washington)
13 Ballou (Washington)
14 Anacostia (Washington)
15 McKinley Tech (Washington)
16 Sidwell Friends (Washington)
17 Eastern (Washington)
18 KIPP College Prep (Washington)
19 KIPP DC Legacy College Prep (Washington)
20 Ron Brown (Washington)

21 Phelps Architecture, Construction & Engineering (Washington)
22 Richard Wright Public Charter School (Washington)
23 Cardozo (Washington)
24 Parkside (Washington)
25 Paul Public Charter International (Washington)    

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